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Trigeminal neuralgia/
facial pain

Patients with trigeminal neuralgia have intense, unbearable pain along an aspect of the face. The pain commonly comes on very quickly and is electric-like in nature. It may be triggered various factors for example, eating and chewing. This condition can often be controlled with medicines (managed by a neurologist or primary care doctor). However, when the pain is not controlled by medication, microvascular decompression surgery or stereotactic radiosurgery may provide patients with long-lasting relief of this disabling symptom.

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Chiari malformation

Chiari malformation refers to various types of abnormal anatomic findings in the back of the brain. The most common form, type I, is characterized by an aspect of the cerebellum (this cerebellar tonsils) located lower than normal. Patients who are affected by this condition may experience a variety of symptoms, which may include a headache at the back of the brain and weakness/numbness of the arms and the legs.

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