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April 2018

Dr. Merkow interviewed for JMH Newsletter: Minimally invasive spine surgery, deep brain stimulation, and laser thermal ablation

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Dr. Merkow was featured in the “Neurosciences 2018 Spotlight” of the John Muir Health newsletter. He discusses several areas of his practice including less invasive spine procedures, deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease and essential tremor, and laser thermal ablation for brain tumor treatment.

Read the newsletter excerpt.

The management of spinal trauma

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Dr. Merkow discusses The management of spinal trauma at the Annual Trauma Symposium at John Muir Health on April 19th 2018 (presentation to begin at 3pm).

Dr. Max Merkow outlines the important clinical aspects of treating spine trauma patients. He emphasizes early surgical stabilization using minimally invasive techniques coupled with mobilization (as opposed to bedrest) in patients with unstable fractures. Dr. Merkow is a proponent of surgical navigation techniques using stereotactic workstations (see above); these methods allow patients to leave the hospital and get back to their normal lives faster than traditional treatments.